Hope the most people are in the beginning of the year is the same . Hopefully this year will be a better year and accompanied with a request about what you want to achieve this year . Of those who pray it is not of all will continue with action and hard effort to realize his or her prayer . Living in the same way and still be mediocre . Always regret at the end of the year . And perhaps by the end of the age . It was a very terrible thing .
New Year's Eve 2014, the same as the previous New Year's Eve , I went through the home and remain in bed before 11 pm . Waking up the next morning and enjoy the day off . Different at the beginning of this year is I go to make trouble . Problems on January 1, 2014 , the opening of a terrible year . As usual , the problem exists because of ignorance and the short process of thinking that I do . Also doing something just based on pleasure and desire .
In an increasingly mature age and obligation to success as quickly as possible , it is not feasible for a habit I continue . Happy mindset origin and without thorough consideration would be a waste of my time that is precious and limited . Problems arising from the habit slowly and surely will take away from the good personal qualities and success . That is why , the problem due to ignorance and the short process of thinking would be a disaster for life if continued into the next year and the next , to not feel , end of life already at the end of the breath .